Best IT Support for your Business

Compare our IT Support Subscriptions (ProActive & Online) and choose the service that is more suitable to keep your IT and business running smoothly.

24×7 IT Health Monitoring & AlertingProActiveOnlineCompetitors
Automatic Comprehensive IT Health Checks
CPU, Hard Disk, RAM Monitoring (to detect performance issues)
Hardware Sensors Monitoring (to detect hardware problems)
Event Logs Monitoring (to detect software problems)
Blacklisted Programs Monitoring
Patch Management (Microsoft & 3rd Party Updates)
IT Maintenance (Predictive & Preventive)ProActiveOnlineCompetitors
Predictive Maintenance (ex. anticipating hardware failure)
Automatic Silent Problem Fixing
Preventive Maintenance (Advanced)
Preventive Maintenance (Standard)
Experts 911 PC Optimization and Speed-up (Exclusive!)
IT Support & Troubleshooting (On-demand)ProActiveOnlineCompetitors
Unlimited HelpDesk (Assisting users in using the PC & different software)
Unlimited Immediate (<60 seconds) Problem Troubleshooting
Emergency Onsite Support Visit (1 free hour per computer)
Executive ReportingProActiveOnlineCompetitors
Business & Service Review (Quarterly Meeting)
Monthly System-Generated IT Health Reports
1-Click Asset Management Reports (Hardware & Software)
Additional ServicesProActiveOnlineCompetitors
IT Solutions Consulting (to select the best solution for your budget)
Hardware supply at below market standard price