Say Goodbye to IT Problems!

Business disruption & downtime due to IT issues can be costly especially if tasks & projects are not completed on time or if you miss deadlines!

Today, your business is more dependent on IT. This requires that your business applications, email, printers and systems are operating at full speed, and that your employees are always productive.

As a business owner, you already have enough to worry about like sales, marketing, accounting and payroll. You want your IT network to work properly all the time without headaches!

ProActive IT Support

ProActive IT Support

Our Technology “Prevents” IT Problems!

Unlike Reactive IT Support (ex. Onsite IT Support) that reacts to problems only AFTER they have escalated into big problems causing unexpected downtime, data loss, business interruptions and financial loss, our ProActive technology is specifically designed to eliminate problems BEFORE they become big problems in order to dramatically reduce business downtime.

We will perform Daily IT Health Checks with our 24×7 Network Monitoring & Alerting software that continuously monitors hardware & software logs (ex. CPU, memory, hard disks, application logs, system logs, security logs, …) to alert us immediately upon detecting potential issues as early as possible before they cause downtime or data loss.

Our ProActive technology is well developed and now we can automatically fix common problems without the need for requesting support.

Managed IT Services (Whitepaper)

Find out how Managed IT Services are helping business owners to get the most from their IT investment.

For small and medium businesses, IT has become a significant contributor to conduct business more efficiently and improve the productivity of its employees, while at the same time reduce costs. Many small businesses are finding Managed IT Services as a solution to get the most from their IT investment.

As your Trusted IT Partner, Experts 911 will provide you with:

  • 24×7 IT Health Monitoring: when potential problems or performance issues are detected, we receive an alert.
  • ProActive IT Support: we will fix these detected issues before they become major expensive headaches.
  • Preventive IT Maintenance: regular automatic maintenance & cleanups to keep your computers running fast.
  • IT Policy Management: restrict access to USB or CD as needed in addition to password policies and more.
  • Patch Management: to keep your systems secure with all the bug fixes to ensure stability and reliability.
  • Executive Reports: Health check reports, asset inventory information (hardware, software), tickets, … etc.
  • Online IT Support & Employee HelpDesk: instant live support to fix issues quickly & to assist your staff.
  • Onsite IT Support & Maintenance: responding to failures that require onsite visit (1 free emergency hour per PC).
  • IT Consulting: we will help you decide on the best IT Solutions that fit your needs within your limited budget.

How Much Will You Save?

Find out how much you can save with our Managed IT Services maintenance agreement!

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7 Things We Do Better

We challenge you to find another company in Jordan that can provide you with all of these promises!